What Are the Steps of Natural Marketing?

Investing in digital marketing is essential for business maintenance, but the challenge is no longer to use it, but to make your brand noticed, relevant, admired and desired… What really doesn’t work anymore is having an exclusively commercial communication through this channel. Consumers can’t take any more shallow ads and companies that don’t care! And therein lies the first secret of natural marketing : caring. The strategy, which generates loyal customers, goes far beyond selling. It positions the company as a generator of value for its audience. The brand becomes relevant at all times and not just when there is a financial transaction.

The Growth Pyramid

Tip: discover the natural marketing manifesto how did natural marketing come about? Most of the time, people are uncomfortable with ads. The use of ad blocking apps on the internet is growing very fast in recent years. That’s because ads, in general, are not thinking about generating value for your potential VP Administration Email Lists customer. Digital tools, including social networks , which still have a high potential for business enrichment, end up becoming more and more expensive and with lower returns for those who work with non-strategic ads. This reduction in positive results was noticed by me and my team over more than 10 years working with digital marketing.

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If It Matters, It Matters!

When i worked for other agencies there was something that happened that i didn’t think was right : the solutions proposed to clients were often developed with a potential below what they could, because of the lack of empathy to understand what clients were looking for. When the internal work order came in, i always had to ask: what is the problem that we will solve for this client through this website? The answers were always the same: the customer bought; the client does not yet have a website. This is very wrong! From my point of view, doing something without having a clear purpose is as bad as not doing it ! When this happens there is no real problem to be solved.

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