You Have Fully Informed Your Customers

Resistance and motivators You can use the insights gained to create an overview of the most important factors that influence the transformation process. These can be factors that provide resistance or provide motivation. Clearly identify the most important factors. Transformation Goal What is the transformation goal of your persona? Describe the desired Malaysia WhatsApp Number List¬†and make it SMART (Specific, Measurable, Acceptable, Realistic and Time-bound). From transformation journey to ecosystem As a supplier of products or services, it is possible that your offer does not fully provide for the realization of a desired transformation. The same is the case with Ikea’s Sleep Fitness.

Fully Informed Your Customers

That is why they have found a partnership with Onefit. Finding a partnership with one or more organizations that are complementary can help you develop the perfect customer transformation journey . With this you build an ecosystem together that contributes to the realization of your transformation goals.From the well-known affected sectors such as the catering industry or the hairdressing industry to the peak sectors such as supermarkets or delivery restaurants. Every industry will have to make adjustments in the one and a half meter society. For example, you are obliged to shop with a shopping cart, you always have to pay contactless if you have ordered a pizza and places where queues arise will be marked with special waiting areas.

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Fully Customers

In many cases it is not yet really clear how the service should be provided in the ‘new’ society. Just think of the hairdressers. They simply cannot do their work at such a distance. However, they can increase the space between the seats, wear gloves and mouth caps and only cut by appointment. That way there is extra time to clean in between. The consequence? A much less attractive salon, but cleaner. In any case, a completely different customer experience than before. The same goes for the shopping experience in supermarkets, traveling by public transport and eating out in a restaurant.

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