You Can’t Build a Site on Your Own Nothing More False!

Just because we’ve talked to you about codes and programming languages ​​doesn’t mean it’s a safe way to go about creating a website. There is an alternative to buying a template (wordpress is available to anyone) where things are Costa Rica Phone Number very simple. We will explain in a future article how to build a site using wordpress. A site costs thousands of lei / euro. So not everyone can afford it nothing worse! If you start with a wordpress theme. It costs a maximum of 50 euros, plus a few constructive plugins (although you can use many for free) and eventually we add monthly hosting (a high-performance one. Let’s say it can take you to 15-20 euros per month, although you will find and use.

At the Beginning,

When you do not have thousands. Of unique visitors Costa Rica Phone Number per day, even hosting of 2-3 euros per month. It is good to use as many graphic elements as possible to create the site the graphics are good, not to say no, but not in excess. From one point onwards it means that the site. Is difficult to operate and believe me, no user likes to wait 5 minutes for a page to open. Invariably press x and leave your site rainbow with piles of flashes. There’s nothing wrong with creating a spectacular web page. With super cool visual effects. But it’s all about not overdoing it. How do you know when you’re exaggerating? There are speed tools. That show you when you jump the horse with the excess of graphics. I hope you understand that you can easily learn how to make a web page.

But It Is a Long Way to Go

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Nowadays, good speed Costa Rica Phone Number means not only happy customers, but also happy search engines. Because yes, the speed of the site has started to be a criterion for climbing in searches on various engines … Your web platform is the same regardless of the browser in which you open it wrong! Totally wrong! Sites need to be optimized for different types of browsers and different types of devices that can be accessed. It is true that some may be more used than others, this does not mean giving up the rest of the traffic and focusing on only one option. It is never advisable to put your eggs in the same basket. This goal, in order for your site to be optimized on various types of devices and browsers must be your priority from the beginning. I mean, before you buy a theme, for example.

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