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A small piece of code, but indispensable for any organization that really wants to get started with LinkedIn. Nevertheless, our own sample of more than a hundred organizations shows that the majority of companies do not yet use the LinkedIn Insight Tag. And that’s a shame, because the LinkedIn Insight Tag provides insights, as the Indonesia WhatsApp Number List name suggests. Valuable insights. In, for example, demographic data of your website visitors. Or in the results of your ad campaigns on LinkedIn. And last but not least , the LinkedIn Insight Tag gives you the opportunity to stay top-of-mind with visitors to your website. Enough reason to post it today and start collecting valuable data. How does the LinkedIn Insight Tag work.

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The LinkedIn Insight Tag is a small script that you place on your website. LinkedIn itself indicates that the script functions best in the <body>. Have no idea what this is? Ask your web administrator. It doesn’t take more than five minutes to post the script. The script for the LinkedIn Insight Tag. Once placed, the script is ‘fired’ on every visited page, after which the script releases a small analysis on all website visitors. The goal is to find a LinkedIn user ID. Is there a match? Then the data of this LinkedIn user is stored anonymously. Everything neatly within the rules of the AVG (provided you use the correct cookie notification of course.

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And with that anonymous data you can do very nice things. For example, a tight retargeting campaign. Retargeting campaign Retargeting: re-reaching people who have shown interest in your product or service at an earlier stage by visiting your website. It is a proven marketing strategy that can positively contribute to the final choice for your organization. With retargeting you reach people who have already visited your website. And then it doesn’t matter which channel they came to your website through. That could be Google, Facebook or LinkedIn, or even directly following a recommendation from Aunt Annie.

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