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That’s why it’s important to plan ahead and keep track of everything in one place. This is where an editorial calendar comes into play. This is what our calendar for the blog looks like Everyone is different, but we typically plan content 1 2 months in advance. Your content calendar should also include key details for each post. Here are a few of the things we capture status representative Officer level keywords Release Date We also have a similar but separate content calendar for our YouTube channel. Suggested reading How to Create a Content Calendar That Works for You Reuse your content across multiple channels Content creation is a time consuming process, so it makes sense to get as much out of each post as possible by reusing it for other channels.

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For example, we repurposed our blog post on Kuwait phone number long tail keywords for YouTube We also tweeted some of the key points in the post Long tail keywords are keywords with low search volume. They are so named because they are at the bottom of the search query demand curve. Contrary to what many people think, it has nothing to do with how long a keyword is, how specific it is, or how likely it is to convert. When we talk about content repurposing, it doesn’t mean that you should literally publish the same post on other channels. If you compare our post and video on long tail keywords, you’ll see that they’re far from the same. That’s because what works well in one format doesn’t always work well in another, so you should always re edit the content rather than re publish it.

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Conclusion When you successfully scale the creation of high quality content, it can have a very positive impact on your business. We are living proof of this, as are many other companies that have taken a similar approach to their content, such as Buffer and Wise . But remember, don’t fall into the trap of creating content without a solid content strategy . It’s a surefire way to waste time, money, and resources. Do you still have questions? write to me on twitter . How to write a compelling headline in 3 easy steps Brett G Friedman November 23, 2021 German avatar Brett G Friedman Data driven creative, tea lover, word nerd and owner of the web address I call my personal home. Share this article contents What is a headline? Why are headings important.


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