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With a view to privacy, you often have the option in the software to set a notification at the beginning of the conversation that the telephone conversation is being recorded. In the example I outlined earlier where call tracking conversions Switzerland WhatsApp Number List positively influence CPA, it has another advantage in Google Ads. You can provide insight into which keyword the call tracking conversion came in. The advantage of this is that you are even better able to optimize your campaign and, for example, give well-performing keywords a somewhat higher bid, because it is profitable.

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Something you might not have done without this insight. What does call tracking mean for your (online) marketing activities? In addition to the example of Google Ads traffic on your website, you can use call tracking more widely. You also measure the call extension you set with an extension in your ad. So without a click to the website, when someone sees an ad, someone can also pick up the phone and call the number. Because a separate number is also shown here, you also measure this conversion. Other channels, such as social media. re also well suited to set up with a call tracking phone number.

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Call tracking offline In addition to online marketing, there is of course also off-site marketing. Maybe you run ads in newspapers, print flyers, and be on billboards. From there, too, you may want to encourage people to contact them by phone. A good picture of which medium works best for you is (even) more difficult to measure. You can also apply call tracking in these channels. By also having a separate number created and used per medium. You gain new insights into the number of telephone conversations that take place and you listen back to what the meaning of the conversation was.

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