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It shows which keywords the top-ranking pages rank for that you don t rank for. How to do it Enter your URL in Site Explorer . Click Content Gap in the left menu . Enter the URLs of 2-3 similar, top-ranking pages for your main keyword into the input fields. Run the search and look for keywords that represent subtopics. For example, if we do this for our guide to guest blogging , we ll see a few keywords related to “guidelines” If we look at one of the top-ranking posts, we quickly see that these keywords refer to the advice to check a site s guidelines for guest bloggers before applying We left this out in our post. So it might be worth adding for a more comprehensive article that can hopefully beat our competitors. 3. Spam in blog comments.

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Blog comment spam is writing irrelevant comments Spain phone number on blog posts for the sole purpose of getting a link back to your site. Aside from how annoying this is for bloggers, it s also not good for search engine optimization because the links in blog comments are almost always nofollowed . This means that the links are very unlikely to help you rank. What should you do instead? Write helpful blog comments on high-traffic posts. While this doesn t result in higher quality links than leaving spammy blog comments because they re still nofollowed. However, people are more likely to read a valuable and helpful comment and click through to your site. While this doesn t result in direct SEO benefits, people might share your content and end up linking to you — so this can result in indirect SEO benefits.

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Here s a good way to use Content Explorer to find pages to leave comments on Enter a relevant topic. Switch the search mode to “In Title” . Run the search. Add a Page Traffic filter and set the minimum value to 100. Turn on the Exclude Homepages option . In the results, look for blog posts with comment sections where you can add a valuable comment. For example, suppose you are a dropshipping expert. You could search for “make money online” in Content Explorer and you would see these results The featured post has a lot of organic traffic and comments This post is perfect for a meaningful comment that can drive traffic to your site. 4. Article Spinning Article spinning, also known as content spinning, is when you take a piece of content and rewrite it to create lots of “new” content.


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