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And despite everyone trying to say the same thing, it was still difficult to fit the information and really have a clear understanding of what ux was . Until one day i saw a very enlightening and somewhat relieving video, which begins by saying “ if you read in 5 places what ux is, you will find 5 different answers. ” it may be that this article is just another place where you will read and find a different answer, but i will organize it in the best way possible so that you can understand. Starting at the beginning looking at the literal part, ux stands for user experience , which stands for user experience . It was don norman who popularized this term, while working at apple in the 1990s, around the same time that jakob nielsen wrote the famous 10 usability heuristics , still used today.

Ux on Websites and Software

Don norman, recently made a very interesting and short video summarizing ux and it’s a good start for this article: from this, ux is what a user feels when using a product, system or service . Balancing practical, experiential, meaningful and valuable aspects of interaction. Let’s say you bought a new cell phone, and when VP Maintenance Email Lists you started using it you felt very happy and comfortable with several features, from the soft button to the fast and effective system . In this case we can clearly see that the user experience of this product is gratifying and that the team responsible for developing it had an ergonomic concern. Now let’s think about your old cell phone, which crashed all the time and when you were going to take a screenshot you accidentally pressed the off button.

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Why Improve the User Experience?

This product didn’t give you a good user experience, but we can’t say that there wasn’t an experience there. It is common for people to associate ux with a good thing, as if to say that their new cell phone “has ux”. This is totally wrong, because the user experience will always happen , it will be present in any type of product. What changes is that the people who developed it may or may not have had a concern to improve this experience . Maybe it’s already clear, but it’s always good to remember that user experience is not exclusive to digital products , it is present in anything, from a car to a website . Ux on websites and software now redirecting the subject to digital products , we can consider that ux is an essential part of success .

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