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Therefore, the traditional wooden. The barrel principle is no longer valid. In the past, we always made up. For our shortcomings, because Azerbaijan Phone Number your shortcomings limited your comprehensive level. In the future, we will continue to expand our strengths. Because your strengths determine your level. Shuimuran believes Azerbaijan Phone Number that you only need to make. The best use of what you are good at, and others will cooperate with you. This is called the longboard principle. 12. The new social structure is about “rules” not “relationships” the traditional network. Of relationships in chinese society is constantly. Being torn apart, with value distribution. As the relationship, new links are being formed. And everyone is a node for value transmission.

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Structure is about “rules” rather than “relationships”. And your status Azerbaijan Phone Number and level determined by the value you bring. 13. Chinese people are changing from external to internal. If you seek externally, you need Azerbaijan Phone Number to seek a relationship. Channels, resources, contacts, and opportunities. If you seek inwardly, you need to be honest. And face the truest side of your heart, arouse interest. Enthusiasm, hope, and ideals. When you are yourself, the outside world will. You will attracted to the things you want. This is the so-called asking for others rather than asking for yourself. 14. Credit is priceless for everyone in the future. One thing will become very important, and that is credit.

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Of big data, your behavior deduces your credit value, and then takes Azerbaijan Phone Number credit as the fulcrum, ability as the lever, and personality as the driving force. The power range of joint leverage is the size of the world you control. 15. This is how the total wealth of traditional societies created people rely on a fixed company to Azerbaijan Phone Number repeat fixed labor at a fixed time and place. Which is passive labor. The total wealth of the future society created in this way: people rely on their own strengths, connect point-to-point and fulfill every demand, fully integrate into every link of the society, and belong to active creation. Therefore, the wealth of the whole society will achieve fission growth.

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