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SEO, we can reduce our ad spend by $15,000 per month by replacing paid traffic with organic traffic. Describe the result as precisely as possible, but don’t pull it off your sleeve. It has to be realistic. Also, it’s better to promise less than too much. Step 2. Explain the logic behind it Presenting a desirable outcome is the easier part. Now you need to explain how and why you think the solution you propose investing in SEO will lead to the desired outcome. You need data for that. For example, let’s say you’re in eCommerce. You look at your Google Ads account and realize that you’re currently bidding on 20 keywords in Google Ads, which totals $15,000 per month. If you look at your Google Analytics data, you can see that on average, this traffic generates $40,000 in revenue per month.

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If you can rank organically for those keywords Thailand phone number with SEO, you’re getting that traffic for free. Better yet, since most pages that rank in the top 10 for a popular keyword also rank for hundreds of other keywords , organic ranking is likely to generate more revenue than ads. You can make this point clear to your boss by entering the page that ranks first for each of your target keywords into Ahrefs’ Site Explorer and checking the Traffic Value metric . This is the estimated “value” of the site’s monthly organic search traffic. In other words, the above site would require you to spend an estimated $43,500 a month on Google ads to get the traffic it’s getting organically for free. You could also use these numbers to estimate the potential revenue gains from SEO investments — and then present them to your boss.

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You can’t just write a blog post and then publish it. You’ll need images, formatting, editing, and probably many other things. Just as it’s inefficient for one person to handle multiple channels, it’s also inefficient for one person to do all of those things. How can you solve the problem? Break the process down into smaller tasks and delegate each to the person best suited to do it. Here is our process for creating content for the blog Each color represents a different person on our team. Create SOPs SOPs Standard Operating Procedures are documents that explain how certain tasks are done in your company. You should create them for as many of the small tasks from the previous step as possible. For example, here is our SOP for naming images for blog posts It’s nothing fancy.


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