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What do they get in return and how can we use the received data to optimize the customer relationship? When Google announced in 2020 that it would end support for third-party cookies in Chrome in two years’ time, tech companies set to work Belgium WhatsApp Number List developing alternatives that could help publishers and advertisers collect data. At first glance, these efforts to solve the problem of third-party cookies seemed like an ideal opportunity to re-engineer the ecosystem. But in reality, the alternatives turned out to be little more than a cookie disguised as another identifier.

Without Too Much Effort

Google shares this view and also recently announced that it will not replace third-party cookies with alternative identifiers . This shook the world of publishers and advertisers to their foundations. Many companies are now questioning whether to bet on Google’s cohorts approach FLoC. The Trade Desk’s Unified ID 2.0 identifier, or some other solution. Negative impact on trust Numerous parties claim to offer a good solution. But in practice, the bottom line is that data strategies should be based on trust and the promise of relevant and valuable customer experiences.

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Too Much Effort

Opting for what is really nothing more than a new pool of cookies will not only cause compliance issues. But also have a negative impact on consumer confidence and goodwill. And lack of trust about the use of personal data is precisely why we are in this situation in the first place. It is clear that the impact of these circumstances is large. According to recent research by Deloitte, 45% of all companies that achieve positive results thanks to digital transformation have higher net sales. Because the loss of third-party cookies results in the loss of third-party data, companies must adapt their data strategy.

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