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We then have a clear picture of the cause and the effect. Such as with the rain and the use of the umbrella. Unfortunately, it often happens that this cannot be said with certainty. Then it is good to ask yourself whether correlation can lead to causality. Or whether you are only allowed to establish a correlation. Also read: Get rid of gut Australia WhatsApp Number List CX [handy framework] The most important thing here is to think carefully whether one can precede the other and whether there can be no other explanation for the connection. By deducing that it may be logical that there is a causal relationship, you come a long way towards the correct conclusion.

To Set Conversion Goals

Nicolas Cage and people drowned in a swimming pool Although the statistic tries to exclude as much chance as possible, it can happen that a significant effect is chance. So it is very important to keep thinking logically. For example, studies show that the more Nicolas Cage movies come out in a year, the more people have drowned in a swimming pool. Are more people drowning in a pool because more Cage movies have come out? Or would more Cage movies have come out, because more people are drowning in a swimming pool.


Set Conversion Goals

Or is it the most likely answer to this question: it is simply a coincidence? Illustrative image: girl with a bathing cap and goggles. The exclusion of coincidence is almost impossible to achieve. But it helps you a long way to, in addition to obtaining a statistically sound study, well reasoning why a connection might exist. 3. Form one story from several conclusions Every data scientist or analyst would like the data to provide an objective and complete picture of reality. Unfortunately, this is not feasible in practice. There will always be a certain degree of subjectivity on the part of the researcher in the research.

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