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Thus, two studies on the same hypothesis may draw different conclusions. That does not mean that one of the two is directly ‘wrong’. Often this means (assuming both investigations are legitimate) that both investigations bring out Austria WhatsApp Number List some of the truth . This difference can be determined by examining different types of data. But the research approach can also play a role. Descriptive analytics and correlation analyzes look at the data in a different way than machine learning models. And these models also view the data in different ways.

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This may therefore lead to different insights, but it is the joint conclusions from these various studies that together form the best result. To draw the best conclusions from multiple studies, it is important to compare the studies and see how they ultimately make one story together. 4. Don’t have a fear of numbers In today’s world we are inundated with numbers. If you don’t consider yourself data-savvy, this can lead to misunderstanding and even fear of numbers. Fortunately, interpreting numbers can be learned! When data analysts use complex techniques to analyze data, don’t expect everything to be easy to explain.

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Data analysis often requires difficult models to analyze a large amount of data. Such a black box model does not mean that a study is not reliable, but it does mean that it is very difficult to explain in detail. The exact operation of the models is not the question you should want to answer. This helps in the interpretation of the results. It can also help to immerse yourself in the world of numbers and data analysis. If you already have a better idea of ​​what is or is not possible with data analysis, understanding and interpreting the figures will also go better.

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