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While we are sighing for vine, we should Norway Phone Number also see that vine’s fall was the result of a combination of internal and external factors. The external competition is mainly from giants. Snapchat, facebook, instagram, etc. Have launched short video services, while youtube, the video industry giant Norway Phone Number the long video field. Internally, there was a leadership change. Everyone had not recovered from the sudden resignation of co-founder dom hofmann for no reason. Another co-founder colin kroll (originally the cto of vine) gave way to another. Engineers from google.

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Change is undoubtedly worse for vine. But these Norway Phone Number are not the fatal injuries of vine. The culprit that caused vine to be shut down by the owner is actually vine’s mistakes in video social networking. Today’s brief summary, in order Norway Phone Number to avoid wearing high hats and air to air, let’s temporarily take the second shot with similar circumstances but very different fates as a positive case to prove why vine chose the wrong path. 1. Head resources: a miss, a hug twenty one the stars who left vine internet users are king, especially for short video service platforms. The head star resources with their own traffic and fans are the key.

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And vine made the wrong move here. Statista Norway Phone Number statistics show that one of the reasons why twitter shut down vine is that most of vine’s top celebrity head resources have turned to other social platforms. There are even media reports that it was a secret meeting held at its headquarters a year ago (detailed below) that Norway Phone Number accelerated vine’s fall. Among them, actress and content creator amanda cerny, who has 4.7 million followers on vine, said bluntly: “we are all starting to notice that vine’s high-quality content creators are losing, and instagram’s high-quality content creators are growing.” vine doesn’t seem to care about the loss of top users, which is a strategic mistake. Vine lacks even the most basic communication with creators.

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