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The page becomes less relevant and reliable for the search engine itself and. Therefore. Ranking on the platform becomes much more difficult. This has a pretty bad impact on your site because it reduces organic search results. Visits. And conversions. Nobody wants to put a page online and not see growth. Do they? But that’s what happens if the content is plagiarized. It can cause legal problems plagiarism can also result in legal problems. Plagiarism is a crime against copyright according to article 184 of the penal code. Penalties can range from a fine and imprisonment from three months to four years. Depending on the misuse of replicated material. The true owner of the content can go to court and sue the plagiarist. Which can affect the pocket and freedom of those who committed the copyright crime.

How to avoid content plagiarism? We know that with so many references and research carried out in the content production stage . Copying an excerpt or idea ends up becoming a risk. However. We will cite some tips that will help your material become more original and free from plagiarism! Come check it out: research the topic well before you start producing. You need to carry out a good research on the topic addressed. This will avoid not only improper copying. But also incorrect information. With a good range of study sources and with the subject well absorbed. You can assimilate everything that has been learned and formulate original ideas for your texts and images. Working better on your creative writing . Cite sources when reproducing excerpts in full do you want to use a speech or an excerpt from some other content (article from a website.

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Academic material. Result of some study)? The good news is that you can make use of it. But as long as the authors and sources of these excerpts are cited in the content as well. If we stop to analyze. Content that features quotes from other sources is still Hungary phone number relevant. On the contrary. They prove statements and ideas with speeches from renowned personalities and reliable sources. Increasing the brand’s credibility. Therefore. There is no reason to pretend to be the owner of an idea. Give credit and take the opportunity to use that quoted content as a reinforcement of your own ideas and arguments. Use tools to detect plagiarism nowadays it is no longer difficult to detect materials that contain plagiarism. There are online tools that scan the contents and check if there is already any other material with the same excerpts.

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These sites are great for searching through your publications and checking that everything is authentic. A point that deserves attention is that legally cited phrases also appear in the results of these tools. So don’t worry about that! 3 tools to check plagiarism online after receiving tips for not having problems with copying your content. Let’s check out 3 tools that check plagiarism online? Copyscape copyscape is already a well-known site for checking websites that use parts of other content literally. The tool is very simple and intuitive. By typing the address of your page. The platform presents up to 10 results (in free mode) from sites that contain excerpts similar to those used in your material. It is important to note that only pages indexed by google appear in the copyscape search.

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Plagiarism checker this tool has a field available for you to type the phrase to be compared. The tool will direct you to a direct search on google or yahoo. Without many secrets. This is a very simple option for those who want to do a search on these two search engines quickly. Plagiarism plagium is an excellent tool in portuguese for detecting text transcripts. Its intuitive design has the option of quick search for the content snippet and delivers the sites that contain the same or similar parts. The interesting thing about the site is the option to check the publications by a timeline and be able to compare the similarities between the phrases by a percentage that is shown in each search result. Now the novelty is that it is possible to install a plagium extension in google docs and check the originality of its contents directly in the file.

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