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At the same time,a study indicates that content marketing can attract up. To 3 times more leads than paid campaigns. A lot of hassle, right? Instead of investing 3,000 lei in facebook ads. You better pay 3,000 lei for 10 quality articles. It is more Israel Phone Number profitable for a longer period of time, and the content will remain public and accessible for “eternity”, an aspect that will bring in time to customers. And brand recognition. Now, pay yourself 3,000 lei and write the articles yourself. 4) passive income harder and later, the money also comes. There are several well-known ways. To make money with a blog passively, and the quickest and easiest.

From My Point of View,

You feel the fruits of your labor, affiliate marketing. Good news: 60% buy a product after reading a blog post. Most stores have Israel Phone Number affiliate programs. Where you can sign up to become their partner. Once you apply and are accepted, you can generate personalized links to promote. On your blog and when you get sales for partners. You receive a commission. No matter what you’re good at, no matter what niche you post content in. It’s impossible not to find affiliate programs. With products or services that you can recommend. If you don’t know where to start. Let me point you in the right direction: depending on the niche of your blog, recommend those vendors. You trust and the products you’ve personally used, or at least tested. Sure, there will be exceptions, but the general rule is to recommend.

Only Quality Products

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And services to your readers. It does not risk everything by promoting Israel Phone Number company x, where the commission offered is fat but the product is weak. 5) the reader’s experience for this last reason, i do not have any statistics. But i can report it from personal experience: only 10% of the sites. That publish content in the form of articles, take into account the reader’s experience. The remaining 90% just want to click on the ads. Did you ever get annoyed when you entered a “known” site. And after slaloming through 13 ads, did you find that the article. Has only 3 thin paragraphs? The fact that they do not think about the reader’s experience is a big problem… for those who do this. Where there are problems, there are opportunities.

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