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Combining text and graphics allows communicators to take advantage of each medium’s strengths and diminish each medium’s weaknesses. Does your industry need to present data in an effective manner to communicate and engage its customers and prospects?..Then infographics could be part of the answer. Tip: you can always hire an expert or a freelancer on fiverr to help out with infographics. The growth of infographics I noticed the power of infographics about 6 months. Ago when I included it in  blog article and was surprised by the traffic response.

On taking a closer look at its popularity, I decided to use google “insights for search. Analytics to determine the increase in the interest in the keyword “infographics” as reflected in search. Volume increases since 2004 ographics search growth on googlei discovered that since just prior to the start of 2010 to the beginning of 2012, infographic search volumes have increased by over 800% in just over 2 years. Statistics from the social network digg reveal that since 2007, infographics on digg have increased by 250 times! Now that is a trend wave worth catching! Penji graphic designers for hire if you are in need of professionally-designed

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Graphics on a regular basis, check out Penji. For a flat monthly fee, you get unlimited print, digital, ads, and UXUI designs. The JEFFBULLAS15 promo code will give you 15% off your first month. Why Include Infographics in your Content Marketing Fax Lists Strategy? When it comes down to it Infographics they may be a compelling but why use them?Why Use Infographics Source: Web Marketing Group 1. Compelling and Attractive There is one thing that I have discovered while blogging is that people love facts, figures and statistics. Add some compelling images and graphics and …”voila“, you have addictive content! 2. 

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Easily scanned and viewed human beings are highly visual and because 90% of of the information that comes to the brain is visual you need to tap into that “optic nerve” 3. Viral capabilties due to infographics attractiveness the capacity for them to be shared on social networks and become viral is much higher than ordinary text content. 4. Portable (embeddable) when designing. Developing and publishing an infographic the code to put it on a wordpress blog or website is provided as an embed code. Benefits search engine optimisation the viral nature of the infographic medium makes people link to your site and google will index your website higher due to google’s “page rank” algorithm.

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This then creates an automatic link from their site to yours. 5. Worldwide Coverage In a world where online publishing is now visible globally at the push of a button, infographics can provide global coverage that local print media could never do. 6. Brand Awareness Creating an infographic that is embedded with your logo and brand displayed is a powerful means of creating a greater “Brand Awareness” 7. Increases Traffic An infographic that is linked and compelling by its nature will drive traffic to your website band blog as people “share” and “click” 8.

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