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When winter comes, will the demand for cycling Lebanon Phone Number in the north be suppressed? Although there are still many problems, they are not enough to affect the development of mobike, because it has indeed Lebanon Phone Number solved a lot of pain points for users. I also hope that mobike can slowly solve the above problems and do better and better. There is still a need to strengthen some operations. At present, it is obvious that the operation cannot keep up with the development speed. First of all, they are not shared bicycles . I write about sharing because everyone calls them that. Ofo and mobike are essentially bicycle rental services.e

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Of the bicycles are self-produced and put in, so they are rental services . Described below as bicycle rental. The specific products Lebanon Phone Number of bicycles include online app and the bicycle itself. The app includes functions such as map search, auxiliary unlocking, parking, settlement, fault feedback, and reporting. Users can complete Lebanon Phone Number the entire process of renting a bicycle. The bikes themselves are slightly different between the two companies. Ofo’s little yellow car is a low-end model with a combination lock. Mobike’s little red car is a high-end model. In addition to the design of the car, it also covers gps positioning, qr code automatic unlocking, real-time feedback to the app after parking, and self-charging by riding.

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The cost of the small yellow Lebanon Phone Number car is about 200+, while the cost of the small red car is about 2000+. At present, the service scope of bicycles covers a wide range of first-tier cities and campuses in small areas. Ofo started from Lebanon Phone Number the campus, entered many campuses, expanded to the two big cities of beijing and shanghai, and developed from independent areas. Mobike is directly from the big cities of shanghai and beijing. In addition, bicycle rental services include not only the hot internet companies ofo and mobike, but also municipal public bicycles in many cities. Many first- and second-tier cities have municipal public bicycles.

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