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At this time, let’s take a look at what is the Cameroon Phone Number essence of e-commerce? The essence of e-commerce some people attribute the root cause of the physical crisis to the rapid development of e-commerce, which is actually a big fallacy. In the internet era, people’s needs are becoming more and more personalized Cameroon Phone Number and diversified, and brands and styles tend to be more, newer, faster and more cost-effective. And many e-commerce brands are more and more in line with this demand. For example, the e-commerce brand “handu yishe” has more than 200 suppliers nationwide. Because there are many small processing enterprises, it is acceptable to start from 100.

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To that it has more than 200 production Cameroon Phone Number processing lines across the country, and one company has 2 million spus online at the same time. This kind of strain and response ability is very strong. The supply Cameroon Phone Number chain is changing from “ordering, assembly line, and planned production” to “taking orders, multiple items, and batch production”. Under the personalized needs, even if it is a single product, the traditional enterprise is still 100,000 pieces when it starts. However, many e-commerce brands can start from 100 pieces of a single product. If this single product is not suitable for consumer tastes.

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The essence of e-commerce is Cameroon Phone Number customization and outsourcing.” consumers begin to guide the supply chain. The starting point of this chain is that consumers initiate demand, thus forming customization, and then going Cameroon Phone Number through layers of outsourcing and decomposing production. Then there are logistics and express delivery to deliver products to consumers. When the traditional clothing industry is declining, many e-commerce brands are growing against the trend. This is the essential reason. So, i really want to ask those extensive production companies, what are you still insisting on?the loss of e-commerce brands will be 100 pieces, while the loss of traditional brands will be 100,000 pieces.

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