What is a Marketing and Sales Funnel?

Gary vaynerchuk gary vaynerchuk our grandparents were used to buying products from the neighborhood. This buyer-seller dynamic was very much rooted in the relationship. Greengrocers, butchers, tailors and bakers spent a lot of time in contact with their customers and, almost naturally, the sale happened. Would you rather buy from a friend, someone you already have a relationship with, or a tool? What makes us think that time has been lost? The truth is that if we can get closer to our client and have the opportunity to provide a quality service , tailored, taking into account the fears and objections point to point, we can easily generate incredible results . For me, the key point is to generate that close relationship, remotely and at scale .

Where Can I Start?

We won’t always be able to have coffee together, but we can get in touch through social networks and videoconferences. Close despite the distance so how do you bring people into close contact, wherever they are? For this, we will talk a little bit about the purchasing process. It is clear that at least 60% of the Manufacturing Directors Email Lists purchase process for products or services takes place on the internet . That is, the client spends 60% of their time researching and understanding the solution to their problem and researching possible contracting options. The other 40% take place either in person or online, depending on the type of purchase. So we can come to the conclusion that the remaining 40% will inevitably occur as a result of the first 60%.

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Therefore, Being Present

Will be crucial for your business. Does it make sense to you? In the first step you will need to think about generating traffic to your website. This can be done with paid media and social media, but ideally with organic traffic through content marketing . After attracting the visitor to your site , seek to know who he is. For that, you need to capture his contact. It’s like, in a conversation, asking for the name and email of the person you just met. This allows you to continue the conversation at another time, calling the person by name and having a way to find them. How to get the contact of this visitor? It’s quite simple. You can use a subscription box on your blog , landing pages with delivery of educational materials and contact forms on your website.

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