What Are Word Press Categories and Tags? 7 Best Practices for

Have you ever wished you could organize your content so that your visitors and search engines could find your posts instantly? With WordPress categories and tags, you can do just that. They help your readers and search engine crawlers easily find different articles on your website. But since the two are so similar, many people confuse categories and tags. In this article, we will look at what WordPress tags and categories are.

We’ll Also Show Some Best Practices for Using Them

to improve your SEO (search engine optimization) strategy. Let’s start with… ExactMetrics is the best WordPress Analytics plugin. Buy it for free! What are WordPress categories? Categories are general topics under which you can group a large number of posts. You can think of it as a general topic under which you can collect posts of a similar nature. For example, tutorials might be a category on a website that publishes lots of how-to articles. Remove Background Image And if you have a food blog, you can create a recipe category.

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You Can Set Category Creation in Word Press by Going

to the dashboard and then navigating to Post » Categories. Now enter the name and a slug (URL) for your category. If you leave the slug field empty, WordPress will use the name to create the URL. In addition to that, you can have a hierarchy of categories and create subcategories by setting a parent topic. It helps if there are a lot of posts in a category and you want to divide them into subtopics.

As for the number of categories you should have, there is no fixed number. You can have as many as you want. If you’re just starting a blog, start with 3 or 5, then add more as your site begins to grow. After creating different categories, you can then go to your post editor and assign each post a category. It should appear in a small box to your right in the editor.

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