What Are Benefits of Using Rewards?

Data from kantar ibope media shows that 75% of people over 55 purchased products or services online in the last quarter of 2020. However, while the opportunities to reach potential customers have increased, so has the number of brands vying for the same audience . The number of virtual stores, for example, grew by 40% in brazil during the last year, reaching 1.3 million sites. Therefore, there are many companies that offer similar products, resources or services over the internet and the solution sold is no longer the only factor to attract potential customers. In the midst of such a competitive market , a strategy to win the dispute for consumer attention is gaining more and more space among brands: rewards marketing .

How to Use Rewards

According to the 2021 loyalty barometer report , promoted annually by hello world, 81% of people want to build relationships with brands, and 58% prefer it when this happens through offers and gifts . And that’s exactly what rewards marketing does: it promotes consumer recognition through rewards that motivate VP Security Email List them to buy with the brand. Read on and understand how this strategy can be applied to your business’s sales funnel. How to maintain consumer enthusiasm through rewards marketing? The online shopping experience is one of the main targets of user evaluation, and all the steps taken are considered when analyzing the contact they had with a brand. They want more than just the purchase for the purchase’s sake.

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Each Stage of the Sales Funnel?

To stand out from the competition and become the main choice of your potential customers. It is necessary to develop thought-provoking actions that deliver value to people . Rewards marketing acts directly on the motivation of these consumers. Who start to prefer to buy from companies that deliver added benefits to the product or service they sell. “consumers indicated that the most impactful ways a brand can interact is by surprising or pleasing them and making the act of shopping more comfortable”. Indicates the hello world report . And that convenience can promote trust between the two sides of the relationship. But how does rewards marketing help create this scenario?

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