What a poor artist from the song red red rose which is shown to the world

The song “Mills Scarlet Ross” was heard by everyone. But few people know that the real creation is a true love story of the love of the uneducated painter and the French beauty. Today, the canon of the Georgian artist Niko Pyromania has been shown in museums around the world, in his country, the street is called, because he hid the essence of the Georgian spirit in simple colorful paintings.

We at Adme.ru touched the line of grief for this extraordinary person and are confident that he will not leave anyone indifferent.


Nikolai Aslanovich Pirosmanishvili


Is better known as Nico Pyromania. Born on May 5, 1862 in the small province of Mirani Tiflis. A few years later, his parents and older brother died.
At a young age, NIKO worked as a cook’s assistant in the Calendar family, where her father had once worked. She also helped with household chores and errands. The Italy Phone Number adults were kind to him and raised his children.
It was in the house of master SK in Tiflis, where he studied Georgian and Russian languages. Niko was a child with mental retardation and difficulties. He loved the theater, and he loved the theater and began to attract. He had original and beautiful canvases, in some sense he was a family artist.
The new family is his first and foremost. Therefore, he did not lose his natural kindness, but he was still unfit for an independent life.

Niko Pyromania developed his talent


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Experimenting with lost artists, who published the signs of small palaces and local institutions. Once, together with his friends, Gigo Zaziaashvili even opened his workshop of identification. Their first act was that they didn’t take money. Other orders come to colleagues, unknown.
In 1890, PirosMani was organized by the Transcaucasian Highway. The work was not controversial: a creative young man who did not distinguish the method, the service was late, he did not carry out his duties carefully and was often ranked. Therefore, they received a constant curvature from the authorities.

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