Weigh Different Interests Here

There are associations of complexity and fear attached to measurement and KPIs. Many social media monitoring agencies offer services to map and report on media results. I asked Stijn Stortelder, Manager Analyzes & Insights at Clipit, how he Bulgaria WhatsApp Number List specifically deals with reporting. On a daily basis, Stijn is involved in developing and optimizing reports and associated insights for his clients. These include the Dutch Lottery, Pathé and T-Mobile. We believe that a good report starts with the question why you are making the report.

Different Interests Here

This is also a tricky point. For example, you would expect that a Dutch website falls under Dutch law (the AVG), and an American website under American law, but unfortunately it is not always that simple. It is not only about where your visitors are now, but also about where your visitors come from. Or, in other words, it is about the ‘ application of the criterion of orientation.


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And that 75 percent of these media have included your core message in the first paragraph. Even if you show by way of illustration how those important media convey your messaged. It brings cold data to life and makes data more attractive to the recipient of your report. Also read: Annual report: this is how you make communication measurable & visible 2. Separate reporting As a communication department you often use different disciplines to achieve your goals. Thought leadership programs, brand activations through PR, social campaigns, events, internal communication, public affairs processes and often much more.

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