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Suppose you spend €1,000 per month without call tracking and achieve 50 conversions. That would mean that each conversion would have cost you €20. Now that you can better measure how many telephone conversions have been registered. You may achieve 65 conversions instead of 50. That has quite an impact on your CPA, because it is therefore not more €20,-, but €15.38. Also read: 36 SEO & Conversion Tips to Beat the Big Boys Tip so you don’t double-measure conversions Measuring a conversion in the form of ‘click on telephone number’ measures the number of clicks on the telephone number that you have set up as a conversion on the website.

Example Wehkamp’s Kafka

As soon as you also measure call tracking conversion in Google Analytics, I advise you to take into account the fact that your total number of conversions increases. Because suppose someone enters via his or her mobile via a Google Ads ad Sweden WhatsApp Number List and then clicks on the (dynamic) telephone number, then 2 conversion goals will activate. One conversion for phone number click, and one call tracking conversion. The same goes for your Google Ads campaign. If you let the call tracking enter Google Ads and measure it as conversion, I would recommend doing one of the following 2 things: Click on ‘stop phone number counting as a conversion’. Determine conversion action(s) for your campaign.

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Wehkamp’s Kafka

This means that you determine which conversions in the campaign may be. Measured as conversion, see the image below for clarification. conversion_actions_google_ads Once you have chosen the bottom option, you can select the conversions you want to measure in the next screen. What else does call tracking offer besides conversion measurement? In addition to the number of conversions you measure, you also get a good idea of ​​what the telephone conversion is. In the software of the provider you have the possibility to gain insight into: The duration of the call. The ability to listen back to the conversation to find out the purpose.

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