Web Marketing Terms in an Easy To Understand

And manner so that even beginners can understand them. This is a must-see for anyone looking to enter the world of the web! Access analysis terms to remember pv (page view) the number of times a website is viewed on a browser is an indicator of how much the website Greece Phone Number List has been viewed . For example, if you browse the top page, lower page a, and lower page b of a website once, the number of pvs on that site will be counted as 3 pv. The number of times the website has been viewed in the browser uu (unique user) it is an index that shows the number of people who visited a website within a fixed aggregation period.

Within That Period,

Even if the same user visits the same Greece Phone Number List website many times, it will be counted as 1uu. However, if the same user browses the same website on different pcs, devices, browsers, etc., the cookies for each device will be different. Therefore, each is counted as 1uu. Please note that uus are not always the exact number. Different pcs and devices session an index that shows the sequence of steps taken by a user who visits a website to leave the site. The number of visits to a website. For example, browse a web page that is google analytics. If you leave the web page open for more than 30 minutes, the session will be interrupted. After that, if you browse the same web page, it will be counted as one new session.

If the Date Changes

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In addition, or if you access Greece Phone Number List the same website via a new search keyword, AdWords. Ads or referrers that are different from the previous access. The session will switch. About the definition change of the session of google analytics bounce rate. This is the percentage of sessions in which a user who visits a website leaves the page. Without browsing other pages after landing on the page. The bounce rate is calculated by the bounce rate (%) number of bounces. Number of sessions x 100. In the case of the figure below, 3 people are viewing the top page. In other words, 3 sessions have occurred.

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