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In addition, account managers who prepare bid presentations. And dedicated media plans recommend the most attractive offers, often with guaranteed traffic. Publish articles through white press should be convenient and enjoyable. Including in foreign languages. In the search engine Italy Phone Number of the platform, the advertising agencies. Can select from over 1400 portals and 3000 offers, some of them in the same category as yours. By adding additional offers with guaranteed traffic. You will differentiate yourself from the competition and have a more attractive offer. Especially for those marketers whose target audience is traffic, conversions, image, or sales.

How Do I Add

A guaranteed traffic offer? It’s simple – in your editor Italy Phone Number panel, in the “my portals” section , select the website to which the offer refers, then add a new offer. Use the cursor to indicate that the offer includes a traffic guarantee. Once you have done this, the fields to be filled in will appear below. You can also edit an already added offer. The traffic guarantee activation option is available in the first tab “general information and promotion” . 3. What information must a warranty offer contain? In addition to the standard fields available so far in editing your offer (promotion options, editorial and technical settings, price), you must complete 3 required fields. Select drive – views or unique users. Views refers to the number of visits to the website.

If a User Reloads

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A website or opens another and then Italy Phone Number returns to the previous one. It will registered as another page view. Single user – user identified based on the data in the cookies in the browser they use or the ip address of the device used. Also, check what kind of traffic is guaranteed in this offer so that you can provide the necessary statistics for guaranteed traffic after publication. We also encourage you to fill in an additional comment field. You can enter the promotional sources you use. 4. Are guaranteed traffic offers promoted by whitepress? Many whitepress® customers, especially those who pursue image, sales, and performance goals by publishing articles, are looking for guaranteed traffic on the platform. To do this, a special filter has been created in the search engine.

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