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Auction Insights In the auction insights you can see whether lots have dropped out or have just been added. You will find the auction data at account level, but also campaign level and adgroup level and even keyword level. This means that you can Paraguay WhatsApp Number List check whether the auction has changed for very specific segments (for example expensive generic keywords. It is important to realize that with auction insights you cannot (yet) draw comparisons with previous periods. You will therefore have to manually adjust your time period and see if there are differences between certain periods.

In Frantic Efforts To Bring

Placing screenshots under each other then works quite nicely to quickly detect trends. Auction insights in Google Ads. 8. Conversion Rates Not entirely unimportant is of course the conversion ratio that you achieve. To what extent are you able to maintain this level and to what extent has it possibly changed compared to the period before the coronavirus? Again, use a cross-period comparison in Google Ads. Tip: to make a clean (ceteris paribus) comparison, it is best to view the conversion rate based on the same set of keywords and the same type of ads.

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Efforts To Bring

In some cases, the conversion rate of your branded keywords is a good indicator. To determine whether your average conversion has been affected. Also read: Google Ads: this is how you survive in expensive auctions Acting & Accepting You can therefore view the possible impact of the coronavirus in Google Ads in various ways. In many cases you can respond well to specific trends by means of bidding, adjustments in advertisements or extensions, or the addition of specific keywords. In addition, you can of course also change a lot on-page to respond to the current situation. However, it is good to realize that many effects have an external cause that you sometimes simply have to accept.

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