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We currently have an original video every day. We are UAE Phone Number still thinking about the staffing ratio. Process management, and quality control. How can we optimize to achieve a better balance? Is it possible to break the established. Process of traditional shooting? Is it possible to use the internet-based operation. Idea to improve the final output and effect? 1. How to measure quality and efficiency? What kind of video quality is good? What  UAE Phone Number learned about traditional video production. Either to meet customer needs, or to have the film judges rate the film. But after the short video appeared in everyone’s eyes. Xiaoyu thought that the quality of the video discussed here is good.

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Online, the popularity of your video, how many UAE Phone Number users buy your account, and the quality of the short video produced by the team are measured with real data indicators and user feedback. Instead of yy saying UAE Phone Number that the picture quality is good, it means that the short video quality is good, and the content is funny and interesting. So what are the factors that affect video quality? Below is a table that we summarize the factors that will affect the quality quality factor table ppt screenshot this picture is a page in the ppt organized by xiaoyu at an internal sharing meeting.

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Factors will affect the popularity of your video, but xiaoyu believes UAE Phone Number that the most important factor here is the planning factor. You may say planning is content planning, but here i want to focus on some points planning point. When i was chatting UAE Phone Number with the person in charge of a team before, they wanted to do gourmet food, but in fact, i personally think that there are too many food columns, and the competition pressure will be very high. If there is no differentiation in content planning, the it’s going to be hard to show off. I have also seen a sample of a column made by a team before.

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