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Increase sales the marketing strategy that you have created will. Keep you focused and on track otherwise you can be heading off  and engaged with all sorts of marketing tactics and activities. That don’t achieve much but just keep you busy, distracted and scattered. The facebook page and the marketing activities you carry out on facebook’s eco-system. Should be viewed as an extension of your blog. So tactics you maybe already doing on your blog can be enhanced and synergised. By replicating some of those blogging platform. Activities on facebook  that are relevant ad appropriate to the facebook culture. There are many goals you could set for yourself for your facebook marketing.

Goals could include improving customer service, reducing traditional marketing costs. Improving customer acquisition and optimizing your brand. To keep it simple here are 3 core goals and 25 marketing tactics that you can action. On your facebook page that wil keep your blog growing and your business booming . Social media guide free download the ultimate guide to social media marketing for business first name. Download now 3 key goals for facebook marketing increasing facebook likes – think of this as an additional asset that. Is similar to building your email subscriber database for your blog or business.

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Improve engagement – this is where your subscribers, fans, followers can be nourished as part of your community from initial low level interest to a highly engaged raving fan. Increase sales –  at the end of the day ‘likes’ are nice and engagement is good but you do need calls to action to ensure that something happens. This pays the bills and takes you on Romania phone number holidays. 25 facebook marketing tips & tactics this section includes the multiple and various tactics for achieving 3 key goals of increasing facebook likes (10 tips), improving engagement (10 tips) and increasing sales (5 tips). 

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Achieving the ultimate goal which selling that ebook, consultancy or what ever service or. Product that you as a blogger provide 10 tips to increase facebook ‘likes’ and subscribers facebook ‘likes’ are only a recent. Phenomenon in the history of marketing and acquiring facebook ‘likes’ is a new and exciting additional tactic to distribute. Your content, news and ideas that build your client list in addition to your email marketing. Facebook likes do not replace your email marketing plans but add and enhance your marketing mix.

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Mari smith’s facebook page provides a more than obvious example for capturing those important facebook likes. 25 facebook marketing tips so how do I start gaining those facebook ‘likes”? 10 tips to increase your facebook ‘likes’ email existing prospects to let them know you have a facebook page  and ask for them to drop in and like your page and provide a link to reduce the friction of making that effort. In other words don’t make them ‘think”. Make it easy. Invite friends to seed you page if you don’t have any likes yet. Embed a “facebook social plugin” on your blog in the right side banner preferably up near the top that provides the

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