Wave of Technology Qatar Phone Number Take Us?

Where will this wave of technology Qatar Phone Number take us? Maybe you should follow kevin kelly, as he has done for the past five months. Kevin kelly, the most important spokesperson and observer of “internet culture”, the founding editor-in-chief of “wired” magazine, and the author of “out of control” and “inevitable” and other popular Qatar Phone Number works in china. In 1989, before many chinese had heard of the internet, kk put his head into a virtual reality headset for the first time. In 2016, the world’s giant companies are investing huge sums of money to prove the first year of virtual reality. Kk says virtual reality devices will never be taken off the shelves again.

Those Who Are Familiar Qatar Phone Number

With kk will appreciate that kk can see the Qatar Phone Number future before us every time. After reading “district 9: a virtual reality adventure”, you may find the root, in part, because he is always on the front line of the real world and looks forward, not hiding in the study whimsical. Kk is 64 years old, but he still personally spends 5 months visiting the Qatar Phone Number most important virtual reality companies in silicon valley and interviewing the hottest people in the field of virtual reality. “the ninth district: journey to the wonderland of virtual reality”, the world’s exclusive first kk report on virtual reality, he brought the most comprehensive and real report on virtual reality, and explained the relevant core knowledge points in depth.

And Predicts the Qatar Phone Number

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Pain points and opportunities will Qatar Phone Number encountered in the development of virtual reality in the next three to five years, and they will become the opportunity to create the first vr billionaire. Kk says: a system capable of Qatar Phone Number delivering shared virtual experiences will be the largest enterprise ever. Only a few companies can dominate the virtual reality network. In front of these virtual reality winners, today’s giants are little more than children by any measure. In the future, google will be just a child? It’s just incredible. But that’s exactly how technology is advancing at a dizzying pace. Kevin kelly over the past 5 months.

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