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With a few Python programs such as Selenium (which lets you use Python in a browser) and Keys (which allows you to type like a “human you’ll be done in no time. With the foundation of this application, such as an Instagram bot, you could also create lists of the top 10 headlines for keywords that you want to rank for. Or, for example, think of a Taiwan WhatsApp Number List summary of all the websites that your favorite blog links to. In summary, you can do a lot of things with Python. The features I explained above are just the tip of the iceberg. Where do you learn Python? Python is a valuable skill to have as a marketer.

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You make the bridge between the marketing and the development department smaller, so that communication runs better. You can independently and quickly make analyzes and well-founded predictions for the market. In all likelihood, Python will continue to evolve and there will be more applications in the future to make the marketer’s life easier and better. But where do you start learning Python? There are many different routes you can take to learn Python. But the rule of thumb is: “Doing is learning!” Always try to participate in the tutorial, book or white paper that you have in front of you. One of the best (free) resources for learning Python is on YouTube.

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Wave of Gloating

Nick Duddy has a 5-part series to get you started and running your first Python projects. To be fair, you may have to get over the Scottish accent, but once you’re in it, you’ll learn all the basics super fast! Of course there are also paid courses to learn Python. For example, on Udemy you can find more than 10,000 modules to learn Python. But Microsoft also offers a course that you can follow for free. Finally, there are always the apps that teach you programming languages. These are much drier in my opinion. In short, a little Googling, watching tutorials and applying everything immediately will go a long way to help you understand Python better.

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