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share their favorite content. If you’re interested in anything related to inbound marketing, this is the place for you to source articles. Inbound.org for social media content 15. Reddit Reddit, also known as the “front page of the internet,” has a massive community of users who are constantly adding content to the site. As long as you know how to navigate the subreddits—topic pages—you should never be short on quality content to share. 16. GrowthHackers GrowthHackers is a community very similar to Inbound.org, except that the submissions are all about growth marketing.

This makes it a great place for early stage companies to find the best content to share. Growth Hackers for social media content 17. BizSugar BizSugar operates just like Inbound and GrowthHackers, except the main subject is small business news and tips. So check this site out if your audience needs tips on small business. User generated content Word of mouth marketing is very important for brands. That’s why it’s always a great idea to source positive content from your current customers or followers. Take advantage of these strategies to find great user generated content to share. 18.

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Surprise and delight This is a phrase that we use at Sprout Social. We find one of our top social fans or product users and surprise them with a box of Sprout swag. Almost 100% of the time these people will mention it on social, and then we re-share Iran phone number their post. As if I couldn’t love SproutSocial more, they go ahead and send me this box full of needed goodies  #SproutLove pic.twitter.com/YnoIrBHcbc — Marji J. Sherman ( May 28, 2015 19. Contests Many companies find positive user generated social posts by running contests asking their users to Tweet to them using a certain phrase or hashtag. 

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These companies can then pick and choose some of those Tweets to share with their followers. 20. Monitor social mentions You may like to use a social media tool like Sprout Social to monitor Twitter for mentions of your brand. Then, whenever you see positive Tweets you can Retweet them to your audience. That provides an easy piece of content to share that shows your followers how well you’re received by your clients. Sproutsocial screenshot for social media content 21. Find guests If you’re running a blog and you’re pressed for new content you can invite guest bloggers to submit a post to your site. They’ll benefit from the increase in brand awareness, and you’ll benefit from a new piece of social media content to share.

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Go with what works for you No two brands have identical social media followings, so what works for some companies may not necessarily work for you. The key is to share different forms of content, and monitor your followers’ feedback to see what resonates with them. Then you can continue to test and optimize for success. Podcasting provided by Odovox.com Guest Author: Michael Patterson is a digital marketing specialist at Sprout Social, a social media management platform for business. He enjoys writing about social media and how users can optimize their efforts for long-term success.

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