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Just because one campaign ends according to the expectations, there is no guarantee that some. Other influencer would be the right fit and help you achieve your goals again. When you find an influencer that fits all the criteria and impeccably promotes your business. Focus on establishing a long-term relationship. Future influencer campaigns will feel more natural as they truly understand your brand, and less forced or fake.

Mistake 5 – assuming you ‘own’ an influencer the ‘I pay you, so I own you’ mentality should not exist in 2018. Under no circumstances should you ever go ahead and assume that. You are more important than an influencer, or that they have no power in the equation. They do, and that’s why they’re influencers in the first place. Influencer marketing is all about forming relationships where both sides have equal power. Remember, you need an influencer just as much he or she needs you. If you fail to acknowledge this. Then your influencer campaign will inevitably not be fruitful due to all the negative energy.

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There’s an easy fix to this problem: collaborate with your influencer, exchange ideas, try to get to know him or her as a person and, most importantly, trust them. Influencers need creative freedom. Bear in mind that they gained thousands of followers Qatar phone number primarily due to their creativity, and that they already know how different people respond to different posts. Mistake 6 – ignoring ftc endorsement rules the days when posting a photo or a post on social media without flagging it as a paid or sponsored post are long gone. Now, influencers have to specify endorsements and sponsored content.

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 Although both you and the influencer may find the legalities boring, they shouldn’t be messed with. According to the changes in the us federal trade commission’s rules for endorsements, failing to identify which posts are sponsored or act as an endorsement could lead to big trouble. Make sure you give your influencer (or influencers) precise instructions on how to label content associated with your products and services. It’s your responsibility. In conclusion influencer campaigns can work wonders for brands and businesses when run effectively.

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 It’s vital to avoid the common pitfalls that can prevent you from achieving your desired results. Now that you know the mistakes to avoid, it’s time to renew your efforts with this marketing strategy. Let me know how you go. Guest author: stevan mcgrath is a digital marketing professional who has expertise in brand design and development. He is passionate about utilizing his diverse skill set in new and innovative online marketing strategies. He has worked as a freelancer and a contributor to provenseo, and seeks client satisfaction as his topmost priority. Posts on digital marketing trends which you can find by following him on facebook, twitter, linkedin and google+.Facebook marketing whether it is a for a blogger, business, author or a musician must achieve the goals you have set out in your marketing strategy and plan.25 facebook marketing tips to

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