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This also has to do with the phasing out of third-party cookies that the debugger previously used. The new debugger in Tag Assistant works with first-party cookies, making use more reliable. In addition, Google has also added a number of Belarus WhatsApp Number List functionalities that make working with GTM and the preview mode a lot more convenient. New interface The first thing you notice is the new interface of the preview mode in Google Tag Assistant. If you start the preview mode from GTM as usual, a new Tag Assistant tab will open for the new preview mode. To start it, enter the link you want to preview. After that you get a screen that looks like the ‘old’ preview panel.

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This makes the debugger a lot clearer and more suitable for use on mobile devices. Two new features In addition to the benefits of a new interface, Google has added a second handy functionality with this update. The image below from the new debugger shows that from now on it is possible to have an overview of tags from different pages without using all kinds of extensions. If you use the Tag Assistant extension in your browser, the new debugger can even keep track of your tags across different browser windows. Google Tag Manager Starting with GA4 Where GTM’s update is automatic and you can use it right away, this is not the case for GA4.

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As I wrote before, this is a new property, without data. It pays to create this property quickly! I recommend installing a new GA4 property next to your existing property, a so-called parallel setup. This ensures that you keep access to your existing reports in your Universal Analytics property while the new GA4 property fills up with data.Companies developing a strategy for first-party data must put themselves in the shoes of their customer.What do customers need from us? What added value can we offer them in exchange for their first-party data.

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