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With characteristics planned for the idea of ​​making a good purchase, are qualified leads. > mql (marketing qualified leads) marketing qualified leads or marketing qualified leads ( mql ) are those who have gone through enough buying journey to recognize the problem your company solves, they already know there is a solution and you know how to go about it do. This is possible because they engage with the content and material, earning a high lead score (a measure of engagement measured by score). Therefore, in addition to the right profile, mql has the necessary maturity and buying interest. > sal (sales accepted leads) over 60% of leads have incorrect information on company forms.

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Therefore, before proceeding with the business process, the business world needs to validate mql as a qualified prospect (with ideal customer profile and purchase intent). If the information matches the plan, the salesperson accepts the lead. Tip: what is inbound selling and how can it CMO Email Lists help my business? > sql (sales qualified lead) this lead is nothing more than a sales qualified lead. This means that the commercial sector has reached out and educated the prospect through consultative sales, has decided what product or service they need and wants to continue negotiating – that is, it is their readiness to accept the offer.

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In practice, this all indicates that the leadership has passed the problem identification stage and is considering solving it with your company. That means it’s very close to the moment of purchase. Sql (sales qualified lead) is what we call “hot sales”! Opportunity i’ve seen different interpretations of this important stage in the marketing and sales funnel. Some companies consider sql and opportunity steps to be the same, i.e. They are just synonyms. The ideal funnel is one that brings results to the company, the simpler the better! At orgânica, we thought sql was an opportunity for us when he had seen our business proposal.


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