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But a lot on Tuesday. Not long after, the statement came that this was a time lag, caused by slower reporting over the weekend. Then it seemed that our intelligent lockdown was working well, as the death rate was much lower than in other countries. A little later, CBS published data showing that the number of deaths was much higher than reported by RIVM. That was because Ivory Coast WhatsApp Number List that organization did not count untested deceased Collecting data is a paramilitary operation – and hoarding is allowed! Knowledge to compete for These are examples that indicate how important data and analysis are in our daily lives.

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Especially in our business. Erik Elgersma describes this in a particularly fascinating way in his latest book ‘Competing on knowledge’. The author, an international university lecturer, can draw on a rich repertoire. He regularly draws parallels to how intelligence services work, what happens to data in crisis situations, and how dramatic battles can turn out when decision-makers overlook information. Exciting but also very educational. After all, we all have to deal with uncertainties and lack of information on a daily basis to base decisions. The book describes in a structured way what is needed to develop a culture in which knowledge plays a key role. This makes competing for almost a breeze.

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Also read: From data to actions: 3 tips to use your data analyst optimally Data is the digital gold How do you ensure that everyone in the organization realizes that knowledge is crucial? That you gain competitiveness as a result? That’s a long march. But it also starts with the first steps. At a strategic level you must: Let everyone understand that you derive competitiveness in the market from being better informed than your competitors. Investments in it therefore pay for themselves in no time. Providing the insight that data is today’s digital gold. It is therefore better to start mining now, before your competitor does it faster and better.

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