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Social media platforms can deliberately throttle your reach, but you can always communicate with your target audience with email. To build an email list, you need to convince your website visitors to sign up. The easiest way is to offer something in return for subscribing. Most websites offer things like a free eBook, a course, or sometimes a discount. We have a simple “subscribe” opt-in You can do the same or offer something different — all options are open to you. Nurture your subscribers Ultimately, your subscriber count is just a number. They won t magically buy from you just because they signed up. You have to integrate and maintain them, and that means you have to send out regular emails. But what should you send and how often? The answer is different for everyone.

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The key is that you set an expectation in Algeria phone number advance and then fulfill it . For example, on our blog, we promise to send weekly updates on our content to everyone who subscribes — and we do. Once a week we send out a newsletter with all the content we published that week. In other words, we give our subscribers exactly what we promised them. Your “promise” may look different than ours. But no matter what it is, you should definitely stick to it. 6. Refine your product positioning For most potential customers, your business is no different than your competitors. After all, you re not the only one running a gym or Italian restaurant in the area. So there is no reason why they should choose you. Unless you explain why . In marketing we call this “positioning”. Your positioning should make it clear to your potential customers what your product or service is, why it s different, and why it s important to your customer. If you can t do that, they won t buy from you.

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Positioning isn t something you can do in a day. Writing about it would take a whole book there are tons of books on positioning! . But the most practical way is to read Obviously Awesome and apply their step-by-step system. Here is a short summary Understand who your best customers are tip 1! . Form a positioning team and coordinate your positioning wording with all teams/departments. Make a list of your competitor s alternatives. Find out the characteristics and features that make .

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