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Google is pretty good at spotting spammy and irrelevant structured data unlike a few years ago . So, rich snippets based on irrelevant or spammy markup are unlikely to show up in Google search results. What should you do instead? Include accurate structured data on your pages where relevant by following Google s structured data guidelines . Google says this helps understand the content of the page . By following the rules, you also increase your chances of being considered in special search results and extensions . Learn more about implementing structured data and generating rich snippets in the following resources. FURTHER INFORMATION Rich Snippets What Are They and How Do You Get Them? What is structured data? And why should you implement them? What is schema markup? How to use it for SEO Conclusion Black hat SEO tactics aren t worth the risk, so it s best to stay away.

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They can result in your site being penalized and Afghanistan phone number damage your brand reputation. It s better if you focus on viable white hat alternatives. Admittedly, the tactics I suggest in this guide require more effort than the quick fix tactics. But the good news is that they work and bring lasting results. Do you have any questions? write to me on twitter . Marketing for your small business just not working? Don t worry. Here is a list of 17 tips that will improve your marketing and help you get more customers. Be clear about who you want to address Focus more on what is already working Avoid methods that don t work Build an email list Take care of your subscribers Refine your product positioning Sign in to Google My Business Do SEO for your existing sites Create a product-centric blog Update your content regularly Reuse your content across different channels Get included in the “Best X in Y” lists give away something.

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Be the advertising face of your company Work with influencers Promote popular posts on social media Cooperate with other companies 1. Be clear about who you want to address TAR Productions, a video production company, had around 260-1,300 monthly visitors for their top posts. But that traffic didn t translate into quality leads. When content marketing agency Grow and Convert investigated , the problem was obvious Her posts were about video production, but her target clients didn t produce videos. Instead of targeting their desired customers, their content attracted other video production companies who would never use their services. Many small businesses make the same mistake. Instead of creating content for their target audience, they create content for others like them.


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