Web Stories Are a Unique Way to Attract User Interaction

Web stories are a unique way to attract user interaction to your website just like the stories you see on instagram or whatsapp.

Adding this feature is also actually not as difficult as imagined. You can install it on your website by following the discussion in this article.

But it’s good you need to know the meaning of web stories, their benefits, etc., as follows:

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1 what are web stories?
2 benefits of web stories
2.1 1. Make visitors feel at home on the website
2.2 2. Maximizing traffic potential
2.3 3. Drive conversions
3 ways to create web stories
3.1 1. Install the web stories plugin
3.1.1 go to plugins menu from wordpress dashboard
3.1.2 download Greece Phone Number and activate the web stories plugin
3.1.3 web stories plugin installed successfully
3.2 2. Create web stories
3.3 3. Add title
3.4 4. Insert image to canvas story
3.5 5. Add text
3.6 6. Upload story
4 features of web stories
4.1 1. Adding a new page
4.2 2. Duplicate pages
4.3 3. Changing page layout
4.4 4. Editing published stories
4.5 5. Schedule publish time
4.6 6. Setting the duration of the web stories
5 conclusion
what are web stories?


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web stories are website content with a story format like you when viewing stories on instagram stories or whatsapp stories, only in website format.

This feature allows visitors to explore content by tapping or tapping or sliding the content.

With the story format, the displayed content can fill the screen so that it looks wider and more interesting.

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