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Publish User Generated Content (UGC) Every marketer knows that it’s wise to retweet posts from your diehard followers. In fact, I recommend monitoring your social media channels to identify the individuals. Who are frequently mentioning your brand – this way they’re already on your radar when you’re ready to do some sharing. However, you can take things a step further by featuring UGC from your advocates on your website. Sending your brand advocates special discounts in exchange for video reviews of your products is a win-win exchange. 

When you consider that 4X as many consumers would rather watch. A video about a product than read about it – it’s clear to see why customer reviews are a good asset to any landing or product page. Unlike text reviews, video reviews from real customers are impossible to fake – which helps with social proof. Customer reviews will benefit you by improving your conversion rate, but your advocates receive benefits as well. Not only do they get a discount for their effort, they also get to feel as if they’re part of the brand themselves and get the validation from being featured on your website. 

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For high ticket products, you may wish to consider hiring a film crew and then asking the advocate if they’d be happy to discuss their experiences with your brand. Extensive video testimonials are a great way to promote high-end products and services. Canada phone number For B2B businesses, you may wish to publish case studies for your brand advocates. This strengthens your working relationship and gives their business some additional promotion too. UGC works fantastically well on Instagram. Airbnb is an example of a huge brand that features significant amounts of UGC on its official Instagram page. 

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As a travel brand, it helps that Airbnb’s customers are a continuous source of stunning photos featuring exotic locations. This kind of content is highly attractive to prospective customers. However, even if you’re in a more mundane niche – featuring images of your brand advocates using your products is always beneficial for promoting your brand and strengthening existing relationships. Ask for suggestions In the most simple terms, a business is a vessel for delivering value to a target audience. Financial remuneration occurs as a result of the value delivered. Many marketers and entrepreneurs go wrong in delivering what they think their audience will value rather than what they actually value.

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 This is a fatal mistake that can be avoided by talking to your advocates. Customer preferences change over time. If you’re not maintaining regular communication with your existing customers, you may find yourself getting left behind when the market shifts without you knowing. Your brand advocates are a microcosm of your customer base. Send them emails, talk to them on the phone and survey them in order to find out how you can improve your offering and solve their pain points. On the topic of customer retention, serial entrepreneur Peter Sage emphasizes the importance of giving value. He implores entrepreneurs to ask themselves: “How can I serve the needs of my customers over and above what they’re expecting?” This customer is an Apple loyalist for life, partly

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