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Start publishing on LinkedIn. Publishing your blog is real easy Simply go to the home page of your account, hover over the pencil icon I showed you earlier. When you do this it will reveal the text “create a post”. Once you’ve clicked on the link, it will then direct you to a page where you will see a blank blog post ready for you to populate with your headline and main copy. Start by thinking about your headline! Make sure it’s short, sharp and compelling. Once you have your headline figured out, go ahead and write your copy. I find generally anywhere between 500-700 words is a good length.

Given that any content you publish on LinkedIn is going to be associated with your profile (and be visible to your network), you will want to ensure that the content you publish on LinkedIn is of the highest quality. Your LinkedIn profile, after all, is your professional online identity. That means your reputation is at stake. Don’t publish anything that could jeopardize or harm your reputation. Plus the better the content and the more compelling your headline, LinkedIn may end up featuring your article on one of the categories within the “Pulse” network or better yet feature it on the home page giving you visibility to over 300 million members worldwide. social media Guide Free Download The Ultimate Guide to Social Media Marketing for Business First Name * Email *

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Best dates and times: Generally I have found Sunday, Monday and Tuesday morning between 8am-9am is the best times to post. I should note that these Turkey phone number times are based on AEST, you may want to test out your own time zone to see what works well for you. 2. Importance of quality content: I touched on this briefly before but the better and more valuable your content the greater impact you will make on your existing and new followers. 3. 

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Preview your content: Before publishing your post always make sure to preview your work. This will allow you to see whether or not your text are aligned with any pictures or videos you have inserted, if heading are properly spaced out, and if your article is properly laid out, etc. 4. Include videos & images: Break up your text with images and videos so that people don’t get information overwhelm when they first visit your blog. 

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Always make it a habit of listing a few tips or provide a how to guide within a section of the blog. Use smart video editing tools such as InVideo to save time. Most people will skim through your article, so this is a great way to provide quick rich content. 5. Ask questions: Doing this demonstrates your genuine interest in feedback. It also makes it an interactive opportunity that encourages participation. Simple questions like “do you agree?” or “how have you seen this done?” are a call to Download Now 6 tips to implement before publishing Here are the top tips to create and publish a killer article on LinkedIn. 

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