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In the question or answer that aims to arouse interest, the possibility of a decrease in inflow can be suppressed. The second point is that structured data markup does not directly affect seo ranking . It only changes the appearance of the search Albania Phone Number List result display, and does not improve the ranking. However, since the screen occupancy rate of the search result display will be higher, it will be easier to approach the user and the ctr may increase. Differences from q & a structured data similar to faq structured data is q & a structured data. Q & a structured data is a data structure that gives multiple answers to one question .

You Can Find It

On question posting sites such as “yahoo! Chiebukuro” and “tell me! Goo”. Frequently Albania Phone Number List asked questions structured markup uses faq structured data. Please note that q & a structured data cannot be used. Frequently asked questions (faq) how to structured markup here’s how to actually structure markup your frequently asked questions with a concrete code example. The required steps are the following three steps. Specify vocabulary when doing structured data markup, you need to select a vocabulary. Vocabulary is a standard that defines what the structured data is about. For example, specifying “name” for a person’s name and “address” for an address makes it easier for search engines to understand the content .

Select a Syntax

Albania Phone Number List

Whereas the vocabulary Albania Phone Number List defines the value. The syntax is the way it writte when actually marking up. Among the syntax, the following three are compatible with and supported by google. Json-ld microdata rdfa lite here, we will explain faq structured data markup using json-ld and microdata. For more information on vocabulary and syntax, see ” [beginners] what is structured data? Benefits, writing, types, and tools summary “. Structured data markup in json-ld format in json-ld format. Structure data described in script tag as JSON format. The description location can either head or body. After reflecting this code, the faq will display on the search result screen as shown in the image below.

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