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For example, let s say you sell cast iron pans online. These topics would have a high business potentia. How to cook a ribeye steak 12K monthly searches How to cook a flank steak 11,000 monthly searches Cook Steak in Pan 9.4K Monthly Searches How to cook a steak in a cast iron skillet 8.6K monthly searches while these topics have little business potential How to grill a steak 22,000 monthly searches How to reheat a steak 14,000 monthly searches Marinate Steak 10,000 Monthly Searches Seasoning Steak 8.8K Monthly Searches You can easily promote your product in posts on topics with high business potential, while you will have a hard time on topics with low business potential. Suggeste reading How to Research Keywords for.

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SEO c Create quality content that deserves to Hong Kong phone number rank If you want to rank high, you need to create comprehensive and quality content. Follow the advice in the guide below to learn how to do it. Suggested reading How to write content that ranks 2. Create engaging videos The videos on our YouTube channel have been viewed over 12 million times and our channel has 259,000 subscribers untitled We did this by applying the same philosophy as our blog to our YouTube channel — we create product-related videos on topics with search traffic potential to drive demand for our products. The course covers why most blogs fail, how to come up with content ideas, how to promote blog posts — everything you need to know to start and run a successful business blog.

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And he creates demand by showing how Ahrefs can help with this task untitled Here s how you can use courses to drive demand for your business a Identify your most popular content Use Google Analytics to determine the most viewed content. If you don t use Google Analytics, you can use the Top Pages report in Site Explorer to get a rough idea untitled b Create a course on a popular topic Group your top blog posts by topic, then create an online course on a popular topic. For example, the most popular topics on our blog are SEO and blogging. We have courses on both of these subjects. c Promote the course in relevant blog posts Usually, people don t search Google for courses a lot, so you need another way to drive traffic and sign-ups.


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