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Until the emergence of the next round Canada Phone Number of technological revolution. Business model innovation can re-emerge. At this stage, the business model innovation. Of the mobile internet has dug up. The technological dividends of the web2.0 era, and everyone is looking. For new technologies in order to obtain new Canada Phone Number business model innovations. Artificial intelligence technology is undoubtedly. The focus of the next round of technological revolution. If one day in the future. We have a breakthrough in this area, then new. Business models will emerge. Bringing one or more trillion-dollar markets. But there are still a lot of debates about artificial intelligence. I would like to talk about my three views: the first view: at present, the artificial intelligence industry has a bubble component.

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This year, and went to silicon. Valley to visit Canada Phone Number some companies. Instead of going to stanford, i went to berkeley to communicate with the eight berkeley laboratories. I feel that the entire artificial intelligence. In the united states will become the next a bubble of an industry, if you come out to make a company. Today, if you don’t say that Canada Phone Number you are using deep learning and artificial intelligence, you will be. Embarrassed to come out and mix. Just like in the past two years, if you don’t say that you are an o2o,.you are embarrassed to raise funds. I think this has a bubble element. Second opinion: pure artificial intelligence will not have a business model. Artificial intelligence must be integrated with a field. And an industry.

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A way for them to embody Canada Phone Number artificial intelligence. They can use this computer algorithm to do many . In the future, such as using computers to manage mutual funds. The return on investment is one. Percentage point higher than that Canada Phone Number of manually managed funds, and it can become the largest fund. Management company in the world. Therefore, we have seen many companies in the united states. Combine artificial intelligence with many things from a pragmatic perspective. Third view: ai is not. Enough to threaten humanity. Today’s artificial intelligence is not as magical as many literary writers. And science fiction writers imagined.

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