The User May Unintentionally Move to the Top Page

In some cases, which not only impairs the user experience but also adversely affects the search ranking. Make sure that the transition destination is set correctly at the stage of mapping the corresponding url. Set a canonical tag for each redirect url set a self-referential canonical tag inside the tag. The self-referential canonical Belarus Phone Number List tag has the role of preventing. It from being regarded as duplicate content. When it is given a parameter for tracking. Or when it is accessed from the outside with a url. That is not a legitimate url. Don’t forget to always use ssl (https) in recent websites. It is common to always use ssl, that is, the tip of the url is set.

Communication Is Encrypted

By always using ssl, and users Belarus Phone Number List can access websites securely. If you haven’t set up ssl all the time, check when you change your domain. Check after changing the domain after changing the domain, you can see the impact of the domain change on the search engine by looking at the actual data and analyzing it. Here are two things to keep in mind after changing your domain. This method is also published on google’s official website. Reference: site relocation with url changes | google search central external link updates by updating the external link, you can smoothly navigate to the new site, which will improve the user experience. External links can be changed immediately.

Traffic Before and After

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Domain change check your Belarus Phone Number List traffic in the google search console. There are two items to look at. Index coverage report you can check the number of indexes from “coverage” of the index item. Search query you can check the number of clicks and impressions from “query” of the search performance item. If the traffic on the old site is decreasing and the traffic on the new site is starting to increase with each data, it can be said that the domain has been changed appropriately . Summary this time, i focused on the procedure and precautions for changing the domain. Although there are many complicated settings, evaluation by a search engine is an important task for continuing the business because it is a comprehensive evaluation of the assets that have been accumulated so far.

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