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However, I recommend waiting at least 3-4 weeks before making a decision based on the reports. Here are three easy ways you can use the data in Google Analytics to improve your website. Improve traffic Which channels bring the most traffic? Basically, search engine marketing is about attracting more users to a website. To do that, you need to know which channels bring in the most traffic. Here s how to find out which marketing channels work best Open the User acquisition report under Acquisition . Set Column 1 to First User Medium . Click the New Users heading to sort the table by traffic volume in descending order. These marketing channels bring the most new users first-time visitors to your website. Check out more metrics in the table to better understand each marketing channel.

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Contribution to your site s performance. For example, if you Bosnia and Herzegovina phone number click on engagement rate or average engagement time , you ll learn which marketing efforts win visitors trust. Engagement rate is the percentage of sessions that engaged with your site divided by all sessions. In contrast, the dwell time is the average time that your website was in the foreground of the user s browser window. To measure improvement, add a comparison for your benchmark period in the top right corner. Improve content effectiveness Which pages bring the most traffic? Knowing what content gets the most organic traffic can help you fine -tune your content marketing strategy . And that s how it works Open the Pages and Screens report under Engagement. Click All Users at the top of the screen .

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Change the dimension to First user medium . Choose organic as the dimension value. Click Apply . Click the New Users heading to sort the table by traffic in descending order. These organic landing pages bring the most new users first-time visitors to your website. You should create more articles like this. Click the header a second time to sort the table by ascending value. If there are organic landing pages with zero traffic, you should reevaluate their relevance to your business goals and adjust your strategy accordingly. This may include republishing the content or removing it from your site. Improve geographic targeting where do my best customers come from? When investing in multi-location ads or SEO, you need location-specific insights to.


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