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Functionality for readers to ‘like’ your page even when they are not on facebook create a landing page as your welcome page encouraging ‘likes’ that is highly visible and obvious create a facebook reveal page to provide that provides access to exclusive content but only when you ‘like’ the page. This exclusivity can make them feel like they are part of the ‘club’ at a very simple level. Offer them a free gift or pdf in the email to” like” your page link to your facebook page in your email newsletter banner. This could be at the top of the page the right hand side banner as well as at the bottom of the newsletter. 

Digtal design dictates that providing several options is much more effective than just one. Join facebook groups in your categories of interest – and post a blog post that will drive traffic to your fan page and connect with you on facebook capture emails for your email marketing database on your facebook page. You need to keep in mind that email maybe old fashioned but it works and it works big time and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. So make it easy for people to subscribe by email to receiving news, updates and your blog posts when they are on facebook via email. 

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Provide a link in facebook to prospects to subscribe to your blog via rss there is one thing to keep in mind with facebook ‘likes’ and that is that facebook does not update everyone’s news feeds that ‘like’ your page. Facebook uses a algorithm called “edgerank” that determines which fans will receive your page update. It is determined according to how Senegal phone number closely engaged you are with the fan. Read more here “edgerank: the secret sauce that makes facebook’s news feed tick. The power of facebook marketing is that it amplifies your content to not only your fans but the friends of your fans and this where the power and marketing leverage of social media starts to kick in that email cannot do at the same scale.

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Facebook provides a multiplier effect that is sharing at an “industrial scale”. Read more about that here: “do people share more on facebook or twitter?” 10 tips to increase engagement on your facebook page there are many ways to improve engagement. Content is one of the most effective methods to start engaging your new ‘fans’ who have liked your page. Engagement can start with the low risk and entry level ‘like’  action on facebook which is the dating equivalent of  “let’s catch up for a coffee” tactic. 

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There are other higher levels of engagement with the end goal to take visitors to your blog from followers to “raving fans” and become an emotional member of your “tribe”. I post my daily blog posts to my jeffbullas facebook page this allows me to engage with my target audience that are hanging out on “facebook”. I don’t wait for them to come to me, I go where they are.

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