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To create truly valuable content Pakistan Phone Number for the platform. Gather people with values, and create a continuously. Connected business chain, it is destined to be a market. Monetization of creator content: one rejection. One support as the production of short video content has entered the deep water area. The professional Pakistan Phone Number value of the content. Has become more and more important. After missing the star head resources. Vine has lost popular support among the majority of content creators. The meeting mentioned earlier was actually a last-ditch effort by the 18 top content. Creators in vine to come together to save vine. If vine was willing to pay the other 18 content creators $1.2 million.

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A specific feature, and open up more Pakistan Phone Number direct lines of communication. Then all of them would agree to provide vine with 12 original videos per month, or 3 original videos per week. If vine agrees to their terms, this could bring billions. Of video views to vine, and maybe vine’s fate could be changed because of this. But the agreement Pakistan Phone Number was eventually rejected by twitter. So vine lost the last chance to come back from the dead. Missing out on the bonus of commercial realization. Of creator content, vine’s own commercialization is also extremely bleak. Vine’s target group overlaps with instagram’s, and the plate. Is not of the same order of magnitude as instagram.

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Businesses willing to try to Pakistan Phone Number advertise on vine, coupled with twitter’s poor profitability, it is in the dilemma of weak user growth and stock price decline . So even if twitter and vine want to pay content entrepreneurs, they may Pakistan Phone Number be able to. Then let’s take a look at the second shot that dreams of becoming china’s youtube. It seems to be very clear about the long-term prosperity of youtube: 1. Has the world’s largest pgc&ugc video content; 2. Content creators can get good income on youtube. Therefore, the combination of “miaopai + weibo” has been fully utilized in the realization of creator content. For example, weibo, as a platform, is mainly responsible for building an environment conducive.

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