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Dashboards navigating through google analytics can be time-consuming and confusing. Reports take time to load, and you need data from multiple reports to gather all of the information you need for decision-making. Instead of following a series of steps every time you want to collect data in google analytics, set up custom dashboards to access everything you need on a single page. From your google analytics dashboard, click ‘customization’, and then select ‘dashboards’. Click the ‘create’ button.

Select ‘starter dashboard’, give your dashboard a title, and click ‘create dashboard’ by default, the starter dashboard will contain important reports that you’ll likely want to keep, such as the user report, new user report, revenue report and goal completions report. If there are reports displaying that aren’t useful to you, you can delete them by clicking the x in the top righthand corner of the report. You can also change the layout of your dashboard by clicking the ‘customize dashboard’ link at the top right of the dashboard, and you can move items around by dragging and dropping them into the desired containers. 

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Once you’ve deleted the default reports that you don’t want to see and updated the layout to match your preferences, you can add other important Jordan phone number reports you use regularly by clicking the ‘add widget’ button at the top left of the dashboard. Next, you need to select how you want the data to display on your dashboard: as a. Basic metric, timeline, map, table, pie chart, or bar graph. For this example, select table. 

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Now, select which data sets should appear in the table, and how many rows should display. If you want to display your highest-traffic pages, the amount of traffic they receive, and the average time on page, you would select the following values for your columns: ‘page’, ‘unique pageviews’, and ‘avg. Time on page’. Once you’re ready to see the report, click the ‘save’ button, and you’ll be able to view the report on your dashboard. If it isn’t exactly what you wanted, you can click the pencil icon in the top right corner of the widget to edit the report. There is nearly an unlimited number of ways to customize your dashboard, so the best thing to do is spend some time playing with the options to discover what works best for your processes and needs. 

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It takes time to set up, but once you have all of the data you need on a single page, you can access that data with just a few clicks instead of navigating through multiple reports to collect needed information. 6. Filter your ip addresses from reports another way to preserve the accuracy of google analytics data is to filter your own ip address from your reports. This ensures that the dozens of times you view a specific piece of content isn’t reflected in your metrics. To filter your ip address from google analytics reports: collect your ip address by googling ‘what is my ip address?’ the result will populate directly in the search results. Open a new tab and

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